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N.O.S. RR PI Cylinder Blocks

los angeles
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Post Date: 08/04/17 @ 5:01PM Topic: N.O.S. RR PI Cylinder Blocks

New Old Stock (N.O.S.)Rolls Royce PI Cylinder Blocks For Sale. RR part numbers E77108A Front 3 Blocks, E77109A One Block. My father an avid RR/Bentley collector and restorer bought a tractor trailer amount of NOS RR/Bentley from a RR Parts Distributor in the USA twenty plus years ago. These blocks have been in a garage in Los Angeles California since then. If you go by the numbers they appear to be for Late PI "Aluminum Head" Blocks F2B, G2A, G2B, H2 Series. The blocks include the "RR" Water Jacket Cover and screws, with the water jacket cover removed you can see these are new never been used by the red paint inside the water jackets and back of cover. If you would like more info and pics I can send a link.
$3,800.00USD each Plus Shipping and Handling(Crating)may consider a package for all. Jim Toole
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