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Forums > Mechanical > Rolls Royce Maintenance Time Bombs? Your input is welcome.
Rolls Royce Maintenance Time Bombs? Your input is welcome.

San Diego, Kensington
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Post Date: 08/15/19 @ 12:30PM Topic: Rolls Royce Maintenance Time Bombs? Your input is welcome.

I'm new here, currently looking to buy an 80s Rolls, and educating myself as quickly as possible. It's time to move from my wonderful F150 that was used primarily for hauling building and maintenance materials, and to move up to something even nicer. Recently I've been impressed with the affordability of 80s RRs. Never considered one before.

I'm not planning to bring anything back to concourse condition. I just want a good looking, reliable machine that won't become a financial burden.

TIME BOMBS. So being a novice here I'm hoping to avoid a beautiful but seemingly good machine that becomes a money pit. I have moderately good mechanical skills and tools, I even have some Whitworth tools for fixing my old Triumph motorcycles, but I don't want to get into any engine or transmission overhauls. I've done my share of those. I also don't want to be saddled with what might be routine repairs on Detroit iron, but are an enormous problem on RRs.

For example I've heard that some suspension systems can be very expensive just to obtain parts. Another example: someone told me that some years and models have hydraulic everything, including seat adjustment and window operators. Sounds like a nightmare to me. (Maybe he meant pneumatic not hydraulic.)

So, What time bombs might be lurking out there? Exotic suspension systems? Troublesome unique braking systems? Difficult fuel injections systems? Bizarre ignition systems? Astronomically priced and delicate engine control computers?

Your input is greatly appreciated. If I buy a money pit my significant other will never let me hear the end of it. And at my age I just don't need any additional headaches. Thank you.
Don Wall

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