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Steve Power-Fardy
09/10/13 @ 2:18PM
Hi Nathan Wilson, we would love to have you as a member! Please send your email address to me and I will send you to the right people to get you going.

Nathan Wilson
09/10/13 @ 12:44PM
Would love to join, just purchased a 1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spur. In the Southern California Area. Hopefully will be able to join others who like cars such as these.

Bob (Website)
06/02/13 @ 11:07AM
Been a RROC member in the Mid-West region for 4 years. Looks like I will be moving to Tustin soon (new job). My wife, me, and my Cloud ;) look forward to meeting the CA group.


jeffrey hagan
05/06/13 @ 9:47AM
just purchased 1989 silver spur. thought joining your club might be a nice way to enjoy this car along with other of same inclination.

Farzad Rabbany (Website)
10/31/12 @ 4:27PM
hi can anyone recommend a decent shop for restoring a classic 1960 RR silver Cloud? Please email me. much appreciate it.

Jeff Cullen (Website)
07/20/12 @ 4:09PM
Hello to any Bentley Turbo R fans out there.

Would-be Good Samaritan
04/09/12 @ 11:30PM
Please contact me if you had a flat tire on the bridge at Lost Hills over the 101 a few summers ago.

Robert W
01/18/12 @ 11:56AM
Hi just purchased a 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur LWB. looking to show if anyone know were this Rolls can be shown in Michigan send me a e-mail.

Gilbert (Website)
10/31/11 @ 7:03PM

I just purchased a 1980 Rolls, Silver Spirit. I am intersted in joining the RROC.. Is there a time and place to make a visit and see if this is for me..??

Corinne Hartsfield
09/01/11 @ 10:04AM
I have a complete set of used NZ Lambs Wool Seat Covers for a RR Silver Spur to fit a 1980 -1990 model. Pear - Caramel color. Includes front, rear, head rests and arm rests. If anyone is interested in seeing these set of covers please contact me. My price is very fair.

Guy Webb
08/21/11 @ 9:51AM
Any information on a tour of Lotusland next month for the So. Cal. Rolls Royce Club?

Stephen DeLonge
08/16/11 @ 8:21PM
I'm looking for a coniche drophead.
Thought this would be the best place for help or someone to talk me out of it. SD

Luis Alcalá (Website)
07/31/11 @ 12:17PM
Hi, I invite you to Morelos Classic Show 2011. Visit my web site. Regards.

07/29/11 @ 9:37AM
I own one of the original models of the Spirit of Ecstacy. It is signed and all markings are clearly visible. It was left to my by my Grandfather who owned the car it once adorned. He also was a member of RROC in the 60's with his Bentley. I need $$ for school. Anyone make any suggestions? Please don't tell me Ebay.

Dr,Howard McNeelyDCH
07/29/11 @ 6:23AM
Just aquired a 1990 Silver Spur 11
Yesterday 07/28/11. spent all day detailing. Owning a car like this has always been a dream and always just out of reach. Now that I'm retired I'm at a place in my life at 71yrs that I'm going to do all the things I have been putting off.
I can now mark off one of the items on my list of thing to do.
Looking forward to many years of enjoyment.

07/20/11 @ 7:06AM
where would i find ownership history for 1939 wraith

james berry
07/10/11 @ 7:31PM
Im looking to buy rolls or bentley for restoration as long as it is a complete car ??? up to 80,000 .
thank you Jim

05/17/11 @ 12:07PM
Just picked up a 74 Silver Shadow and would like to get an appraisal.Any suggestions!

bill shallenberger
04/13/11 @ 12:18PM
Just bought a 79 Silver Shadow. 75th Anniversary edition. RED logos
and plaque in glove box. I understand it is one of 75 made in this edition for the US. LOVE IT!
Is there some way to research prior ownership?
Bill (805)981-2516

Guy Webb (Website)
04/11/11 @ 10:10AM
I am a Docent at Lotusland in Montecito. Lotusland was developed by Madame Ganna Walska, who at one time was married to Harold Fowler McCormick, former CEO of International Harvester. The McCormick's owned a 1920 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Limousine Convertible which according to Wikipedia is valued at $57,000,000...
We would like any information available on this automobile. We are planning a car show for the Fall of 2012 at Lotusland and would like to have some vintage Rolls Royce cars to show there. Any help will be appreciated. Photos on request.

03/26/11 @ 12:09PM
When I try to do an account sign-up
I get rejected because it will not accept my email address



01/17/11 @ 7:57PM
Does anyone know where Roger Ford is? He used to work on my 59 S2 when he was in Costa Mesa. Later he moved back east. Someone recently told me he moved back.
Otherwise, if you have a good mechanic who works on cars my age, please let me know that also.
Someone in Orange County would be great, but anything within 100 miles is good.

Dee Nep (Website)
11/26/10 @ 10:26PM
We're new to the club. Have a 2008 RR DHC. Live in Sherman Oaks. Would love to make contact with other RR owners for get togethers!


Nick Milijasevic &
Dee Nep

Nathan Goldbeck (Website)
10/27/10 @ 10:18AM
Please visit our website. We welcome all RROC members. As an exclusive resort in Carmel Valley CA, we operate an 82 Silver Spur and a 68 Phantom.

Nathan Goldbeck
Stonepine Estate

Ricky Clay (Website)
09/10/10 @ 7:45AM
Hello, I'm a new member

Greg (Website)
07/17/10 @ 12:35AM
You can rent my classic rolls for your wedding/event. Please check out the web site and call me for details. www.lagunabeachrollsroyce.vpweb.comThank you,

06/08/10 @ 8:55AM
Looking for Rolls-Royce to take us away from our reception at the Coronado Community Center on Nov. 14th, 2010. Simply pick us up at 9:50pm and drop us off at the Hyatt downtown. Please let me know if you would be interested! Thanks!

05/12/10 @ 4:44PM
May 12, 2010

RR Vehicle Research

Dear RROC,

I am researching a 1949 RR Silver Dawn currently for sale (Vin: LSBA2). I understand that this vehicle competed in your 40th National Meet held in Monterey, CA. The event was in August 1991. Can you confirm if this vehicle won an award, and if so, what was the place and category?

You may either send the response to by fax at 720-851-9573 or my e-mail at

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best Regards,


Dave Nelson
04/28/10 @ 7:43PM
I am moving from Stanwood, WA to S. California and bring along my daily driver, a 82 Silver Spur in Biege with brown leather. Looking to attend RROC meets. Would love to know the history of my car as it has a Beverly Hills License plate frame. I bought it from a gentleman in Phx. AZ but he did not have the history. I am also looking for a mechanic for a few troubleing issues needing attention.
Love the car and Love life.

mashelle clark
02/26/10 @ 5:49AM

David R.
02/20/10 @ 9:56AM
Are there any owners of vintage (1960's) RR or Bentley's have an interest in renting their vehicle for a wedding? Anyone have links for Limo companies in Orange Cty?

Mike Davis (Website)
01/31/10 @ 7:50AM
Hello, Cheers to your club. My name is Mike Davis, I am a luxury car dealer in Seattle. I just consigned a flawless, One Owner 1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spur. (88k miles)
We have all Books and Records. Flawless History, Impeccable Motorcar.
Please call me if you would like to discuss the car.


Luis Alcalá (Website)
09/13/09 @ 9:32AM
Hi, I live in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México, i have a 1972 RR Corniche Convertible, in brown color and tan interior. 44,000 original miles. And my second projet is a 1927 RR Sourthen California Type, 2 doors and right hand drive. My best regards for your Club.

ian budd
08/28/09 @ 5:11PM
HI i am ian from the uk , i have just imported a a 71 siver shadow from the states , she is in gold with artwork airbrushed to her sides and rear , does anybody remember her ? i worked on her back in 79 she traveled to the states in 88 i think, my friend done the artwork , and is now being fully restored, HA ! i was a young man when i took her apart now my son and i will do it again
(at a much slower pace HE HE !)

Ian Budd (uk)

07/12/09 @ 5:17AM
Recently acquired the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph from Newport Beach Rolls Royce. This Beautiful piece of art found me in very short order. I believe the RROC of SoCal will be perfect to meet others of the same mindset regarding R-R's.

roberto (Website)
05/28/09 @ 1:19PM
Great site.

Here are some good technical details:

05/05/09 @ 12:33PM

A limited edition customized 2007 Grey Goose Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase luxury car. Golden Globe nominee, Jennifer Hudson was the guest of honor and performed at the Grey Goose Vodka cocktail party which also served as platform for the launch of the latest 2007 customized Rolls Royce Phantom Limited Edition (only two made in the world). The event, also a Pre-Golden Globe Party, was attended by many celebrities including Grey's Anatomy actor Isiah Washington and Sara Ramirez.

bob vail (Website)
05/03/09 @ 6:20PM
My Rolls is in dis-repair because I find most mechanics and even Rolls Royce mechanics have very little knowledge about these automobiles, especially in a small town.

Garry Roberts (Website)
04/06/09 @ 1:00PM
I have been introduced to your club by member Willy Hugrow.

He suggests that we offer your club members to use us as a stop or meeting area for an upcoming event.

Please visit our website and give us a call.

Thank you.

Patrick Burns
03/29/09 @ 11:59PM
I'm moving to California from overseas next month and am planning to bring my 1956 Bentley S1 from the UK (where it's been in storage for the last fourteen years!)

I'm hoping other enthusiasts might be able to help me. If there is anybody out there who has experience of importing and registering in California automobiles of this age, I'd very much like to hear from you. Many thanks.

Michael Wolf
01/30/09 @ 8:24PM
I've just seen the club. I'm in Rancho Mirage and have a 2001 Bentley Arnage LeMans 100.
It would be nice to join this club and be able to share events, and advice. I'm having a dilemma since I've lost my keys. But we'll find them, they've got to be here someplace. I did buy the new key from the dealer, and followed directions, but the car lights up, but won't turn over. If anybody has advice, I'd love to hear from them.

Dr. Roy Judd
01/26/09 @ 8:21AM
Some years ago there was a fine wood finisher in the S.f. Valley.
I lost the info.
THE Best Is Bill Rau, near Tonys shop in Santa Monica. He has ads in RROC--

09/23/08 @ 7:26PM
I have a 1985 Silver Spur which I bought new. I drive it every day and it has 106,000 miles. It looks almost the same as it did when it was new. I just heard of the Rolls Royce owners club and would likt to become a member.

Karen Perrault
09/11/08 @ 9:43AM

*** Please use the forums to start discussions, chances are much higher you will get a response. ***

09/10/08 @ 11:00AM
I have a 1973 Silver Shadow. I just moved to San Juan Capistrano and need to find a good mechanic locally. any recommendations!
With thanks.

jmeehan (Website)
09/05/08 @ 10:38AM
I own a 1990 silver spur II that needs attention to the wooden panels in the doors next to the windows. The wood is blistering; who repairs this in southern California ?

Selahattin Gundogan
08/31/08 @ 7:25PM
I have a red 1969 Silver Shadow.I'm thinking of selling my car. Does anybody that would be interested? Email me for pictures.

Praveen Rajasekhar
06/13/08 @ 8:46AM
I just purchased a 2008 Bentley Continental GTC...looking forward to stopping by at a future event!

Randy Cooper
04/15/08 @ 8:39PM
I just acquired the 1960 RR SCII given to Eleanor Vallee by her late husband, Rudy Vallee, for her birthday in 1976.
She is a black plate, LHD vehicle needing to be brought up to standard.
I have a small collection of vintage vehicles and hope to make my RR one of the diamonds

clarence taylor
02/29/08 @ 1:33PM
This is a wonderful forum for those of us who enjoy the pride
of ownership. I have the honor of
announcing that I have become the
owner a RR previously owned by:
Muhammad Ali "The Greatest", I will
post my photos next week.

Nicholas Brown
01/17/08 @ 8:26PM
I am the nephew of Gary Moore; a long time member of the RROC and the BDC. I recently had the honor of being introduced to Bruce & Jolene McCaw; the owners of the Blue Train Bentleys at this year's Concours d'Elegance in Kirkland, Washington and was persuaded to join both clubs by Jolene. I am interested in receiving more information on becoming a member and what my involvement in the club entails. I am looking forward with great anticipation to join a family of members and owners that I have revered since birth.

James Taite
01/09/08 @ 8:04PM
Hi. I am the owner of a 1983 Silver Spur and I am thinking of selling. It is a "light-weight project" car. When fully restored will sell for $25-35K. I'm looking for $17,500.00/obo...know anyone interested?

Wayne Schooling (Website)
12/09/07 @ 9:35AM
Just acquired a 1964 SC III which is almost perfect. Just need to put some "icing" on. Hope joining here will help me.

Mark Lehr (Website)
11/24/07 @ 12:17PM
Just attended the LA car show. The new Bentley Flying Spur was a show stopper. Only 1 shown in the Bentley area but in the after-market section there were about 10 Flying Spur and GT models on display.

Gregory Frushour
10/10/07 @ 10:23AM
Logged-on today looking for a period RR Key chain/fob for my father's 1975 Silver Shadow.

Stephen Picciano
10/10/07 @ 12:03AM
I am the proud new owner of a 1958 Silver Wraith by Freestone & Webb, chassis #HLW11 and also a new member of the RROC / SCR. I welcome any and all the help with the provenance and restoration guidance for this magnificent automobile.

Rand Smith
10/05/07 @ 8:04PM
Been "over-exposed" to RR cars since 1963 with Father's LWB P5. Recently released our Original Family '65 SCIII to a Wonderful Gent in Gemona, Italy and I'm in search of a Pre-War Roadster. Really miss tech sessions with Roger Ford & Jim Toole. I'm coming back soon...Maintain The Breed.

07/16/07 @ 2:24PM
I have a pearl white 1949 Silver Dawn Rolls Royce that I'm thinking of selling. Does anybody know of anybody that would be interested? Its in excellent condition.

Nate Booth
06/28/07 @ 10:13AM
Great website I shamfully let my membership lapse. So I am digging out my old Flying Lady Magazines. Do you need to join the National Club or does Southern California have it's own.

Roland Perez
06/02/07 @ 11:59AM
Please send me information on membership. We have a 1989 and a 2001 ...Thank You

willy hugron
05/17/07 @ 9:33AM
Some of us are a little slow to sign on to the club website. This is a great club website.

Scott Gulley
05/15/07 @ 6:46PM
I have a vintage Bentley (1929), and understand that your club does not hold a grudge towards these competitive cars (back in the day). Moreover, I futher understand that your organization is a great resource for events.

Linda Lyons
05/09/07 @ 2:08PM
Great site. Need all the info I can get. Have a 76 Silver Wraith

Herbert DePuy (Website)
05/05/07 @ 8:14AM
I have been a member since 2006, yet i'm unable to get into the web site, Please help me, thank you, Your fellow member, Herbert DePuy..'67 Rolls Royce silver shadow,'80 Bentley T2.....P.S. I tried to find out about todays event with no luck.

Mike Mansour (Website)
05/02/07 @ 7:23PM
A great way to bring the club together, congratulations on the site!

michael tobin
04/03/07 @ 6:28AM

Paul Dailey
03/17/07 @ 5:09PM
Your site is the best! This is our first year with the club and our second year as a Rolls Royce owner. I am very proud to be a member with such a EXQUISITE group of people. Thank You Paul & Evvie Dailey

ronald shoen
03/14/07 @ 8:31AM
would very much to view your calendar of events. I moved to Rancho Mirage, Ca 4 years ago from Northern California Region. I am a member or Northaern Ca region, San Diago region and National.

Janet C Smith
03/07/07 @ 9:02AM
I managed to access this website on my second attempt. It was worth a second try. Thanks for doing this for the Club.

brent elam
03/01/07 @ 6:27PM
What a wonderful addition to the club. Congratulations on an outstanding job! Keep the photos and comments coming.

Perry Hirsch
02/26/07 @ 6:20AM
Great job. Thank you for all your hard work.

02/24/07 @ 1:54PM
Thank you to all the Perrault's for putting this site togther. The photo of the Silver Cloud, evokes a club "on the move, in style"....
Bill Cronkhite

Gary Cerveny
02/20/07 @ 3:41PM
Great website - you have done a wonderful job - This will reflect very well on the Region. Cudos!!!

lou oddo
02/16/07 @ 12:25PM
This is a wonderful website. What a nice job you have done. Thank You for all the work you have done.
Lou Oddo

Walter Lee (Website)
02/13/07 @ 9:48AM
Very well done!

Walter Lee

Dori Olsen
02/13/07 @ 8:46AM
This site looks fabulous!!! Congrats!

Carol Deeter
02/12/07 @ 4:59AM
I am 2nd!!!

Ray Perrault (Website)
02/09/07 @ 2:29PM
Just wanted to be the first to sign the book.

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